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25th October, 2020


I just want to let everyone know that after all these years of going to Tyrepower Penrith, Jade & Anthony are still taking great care of me & my car, thanks guys ;-)

Matt cojean

22nd January, 2019


Very happy with the service and job done on my Landrover defender

Mark Hardiman

08th May, 2017


In a word "Excellent"! I am a longtime customer of Tyrepower Penrith and have found them to be so helpful I can't really put into words. TPP service both my wife's car and mine and their service is second to none. Anthony and Jade are always very helpful and their knowledge is boundless. Just had 4 x Kuhmo KU39 tyres fitted and my car drives like a totally different car (in a good way). Always had excessive road noise on the freeway but no more. Thanks again to a great team. I would recommend to anyone.


06th May, 2017


Exceptional service and value. I only needed one tyre but needed all tyres rotated to accomodate that. Jade and the guys were incredibly helpful - they listened and understood what we were after. I didn't feel ripped off or manipulated as I have felt before buying tyres elsewhere. And it was great to deal with a woman! I will definitely go here again.

John Ernest Cunanan

24th December, 2015


Great and honest people, very good service. Will be back to get tyres serviced again. No hassle, no rip offs here, got all my tyres replaced, balanced, and aligned under an hour. 5 stars! đź‘Ť

Mark Hardiman

12th February, 2016


Top people, top job and service!I have used these guys for a while now and found them to be very helpful, great price and service!I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them!

grazia raiti

02nd January, 2017


I emailed Tyrepower Penrith a few months ago for some advice on tyres, Anthony personally rang me back (not emailed me back) to answer all my questions, he was very clear and knowledgeable and not at all pushy, he gave me a good price and didn’t ring me back to hassle me after that. Almost two months later I rang him back to book my car in to get 4 new tyres, I asked if he could drop the price down just a tiny bit more and he did. Unfortunately, I gave him the wrong tyre size number (there are 2 models in my year) and so he didn’t have my size in stock when I showed up for my booking, he gave me the option to come back the following day after he orders my size or he could give me another brand with another good price, I took the latter option. He was very apologetic even though I knew it was my fault. The job was done in less time than quoted, Jade was so very nice and explained all the warranty details, helped me with the paperwork and made the usual friendly small chat you do when you have a business and care about customer service. A few weeks later I accidently went up a gutter and slightly damaged one of my tyres, I rang Jade who told me to bring my car back in and they will replace my tyre for a new one, no questions asked, so I did, again Anthony and Jade were very nice and polite. Since then I have driven to the Gold Coast and back and I drive 126km every day to work and back and the tyres are wonderful. I recommend any female who doesn’t have a male to help her out when it comes to car tyres to go and see Anthony and Jade at Penrith Tyrepower because they are just great.